What Does 60 Years Old Look Like On a Horse?

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I turned 58 this summer and I made a commitment to take a path that would make me the strongest 80 year old in the world.  I decided I would move faster, eat healthier, toss the heaviest western saddle up on the tallest horse, pick the top saddle rack and not the bottom one, lift the jump standards by myself, and never think I am too old for this…..  I’m not the kind of person that will go to the gym, that idea never happens in my planning.  I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, it’s just not my idea.  I am going to take this path to 80 years old the horse way.

I decided the first step to 80 is 60.  What will 60 look like on a horse?  Will I still want to jump with no stirrups?  Will I still team pen to be the fastest?  Will I start young horses?  All of these things I currently do on a daily basis, yet the question is starting to loom ahead of me…When does it begin to change?


We all have our role models.  I’ve followed George Morris my entire life.  A few years ago I took some students to his clinic, in Wellington, Florida, to audit the week of young riders.  Knowing he was well into his 70’s,  I was mesmerized by his strength and courage as he jumped aboard the students’ horses that were presenting challenges.  He motivated me to come back and sign up for the local clinic where I courageously stepped forward to be first in line for the no-stirrups exercise.

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Most of my teens work hard during the summers as counselors in my camp program and  they’re awesome!  I teach them the skills to be successful.  They learn to be prompt, courteous and work together as a team.  I have my sayings…”always work harder than your boss, never walk past a piece of trash without picking it up, if the trash container is full you empty it,  clean the toilets, and when you feel like yelling, say something positive instead.”  They joke about me never saying something is perfect, yet they beg me to hold my brown bag lunches where we learn about paying taxes, job interviewing and other grown up things.  I could brag about them all and I will a little bit at a time, but now, the hat story.

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I’m definitely on a mission to take 60 by the horns and to try to give it a good look, as I have fun along the way.  What do you think 60 years old looks like on a horse?  I’d love to see some of your photos of how those of us in our 60’s will take the world by storm.  Hopefully 60 will look just like 58!