It's Great To Spend A Weekend On Horses With Girlfriends


This weekend I had a great time at a USTPA sanctioned show in Brenham, Texas with my girlfriends. It was great because we were on horseback, chasing cows and collecting checks. Can it get much better than that? I think the fact that we won some money was the icing on the cake. It may not seem like a big deal, I’m sure many people are out there on the weekends picking up a little money. But, we are, kind of like, the Golden Girls of Team Penning. 🙂 And we are OK with this!

Together, our years add up to way over a century. And because we are each over the age of 50, we can ride in the Masters class. We joke about being sponsored by AARP, Depends, and Geritol. All joking aside, this is one of the greatest groups of experienced men and women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and riding horses with.

jake-wells-e1422822735196 (1)

This weekend Cynthia rode a 28 second pen on 3 cows with Dr. Jake Wells.  Together, the ladies and I made it to the top ten in a class. We all won some money. Not bad for a group of “over 50’s.”

On Sunday afternoon, Cynthia, Betty and I sat down to talk about old times, friends and horse fun. We decided we needed a picture together. We’re usually too busy for things like a photo shoot. When we all looked at the picture, we were surprised that we all actually liked the photo! You know how critical we can be of things like photos when we are over a certain age. But, we agreed we loved it! We loved that it captured us during a weekend of riding, competing and having a blast; doing what many might think was too much for the over 50 set.

cynthia-e1422903289533 (2)

I think that there needs to be more inspiration encouraging riders over 50 to keep enjoying the ride. I’m still loving it and so are my friends way past the age when most riders hang up their saddles. Maybe we can be that little bit of push to all of you just thinking about riding? Time to take the next step! Don’t be afraid! Maybe it’s just a trail ride? Maybe a lesson? Or, why not just go get a horse! As we all know, we are NOT getting any younger. Just better. 🙂