My Farrier, Magician? or Miracle Worker?


Last spring, I bought cute, adorable ponies.  I knew we would have our hands full with their training and health care, but the hooves, of Enzo, was hard to believe.    He had a nasty case of pony laminitis with a very bad shoe fit.  I was pretty shocked when I first saw what I had.  Yes, I did what I would surely advise against, I bought the pony sight unseen.  I am a sucker for cute equines, and now we have come to love this cute guy.  I was sure it would take a bit of something…Magic?? or Miracles?? to see this through.


I knew the first expert, Enzo would see, would have to be the farrier.  Troy put my mind at ease when he didn’t give me the stern look of “what have you gotten me into?”  He said it would take a while but overall the damage wasn’t too bad.  We noticed he stumbled quite a bit with his old damaged hooves, and we just needed him to be comfortable and safe, not fancy.  His calm, sweet, disposition said he would make a great camp pony, so we just had to wait and see.


After his first shoeing we noticed great changes in his quality of gait.  And, we discovered he could pull a pony cart, Bonus!!!


Enzo’s most recent shoeing is even more promising as the hooves become healthier.

Compare that hoof to the first picture, and you know what I mean.

Today, we have a very comfortable, and well loved addition to our barn pony crew.  Had I seen him before I wrote the check I probably would have passed this one up.  Lucky for him, miracles do happen.  He found us, is what I often say, about the lucky ones who get their second chance.  Last night, Enzo was chosen for 2 lessons and even started to look like a fancy little show pony!   Thank You, Troy Jewell, for helping me see these through:)