Another Reason Why I Love My Equine Dentist

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I bought 5 new ponies.  Many of you have followed the tale of how my desire was to buy 5, high dollar, precious ponies. But my budget said be frugal.  So, I bought 2 amish ponies from Indiana, 1 very cute, large, eventing pony from Michigan, and 2 young ponies  off of Craig’s list.  Yes, the perfect recipe for disaster and they all arrived within 2 weeks of each other.  It is now a month later and we are finally finishing the last leg of their makeover.  They have been dewormed, trimmed and shod, groomed to shed winter coats and finally the day I had been waiting for….Dr. Stubbs and dentistry.  Nothing makes me feel better than to think my horses are feeling as good as they can feel.


We had already been loving our new pony projects, but yesterday was unreal in the transformation of  Misty.  This is a hard to believe story of improvement.  Misty came to us with a sassy history.  We were even warned that she might “attack” us in her stall, yet when you caught her she would be great to ride.  I knew I would be very careful with this warning yet I really wanted to give her a try, I had fixed this behavior before and it did not really scare me.  It even became a joke in the barn that she was exactly like our school horse, Cupcake, who is the hardest working, best horse ever, kind of school horse, yet she can become quickly grouchy in her stall.  Cupcake’s nickname is 8, due to the 8 brand on her hip, thus Misty’s nickname became “7” because of their similarities.  I also believe that most of the time a horse is grouchy, you will find a source of discomfort that may be the root of the problem.  With Cupcake we can always tell when her feet are the problem, thus she wears the magical reverse shoe.  The picture below is what Dr. Stubbs and I discovered in Misty’s mouth yesterday!


The story is just short of miraculous.  Prior to her teeth being floated, Misty was not only grouchy in her stall, she was avoiding any contact with the bit with head shaking and stiffening through her body.  I was pretty sure the dental work would correct some of this behavior, I have seen really nice results with other horses before.  But, with Misty, it was like a whole new horse, No LIE.  Every time we walked in her stall, her ears were forward and she turned to face us, no back legs posed to warn us away.  When we rode her she was full body relaxed, with her head low and quiet.  We even saw her soften through her corners rather than stiffen and counter flex.  I know it has only been two days, and I know I am the over optimistic one, when it comes to life.  Yet I think we hit it BIG this time.  We already liked this, most of the time sweet pony, we had accepted her challenges. All horses have quirks, right?  The PERFECT, yes I said perfect, behavior  yesterday could be the real pony I bought and I am giddy with pony excitement.


Stay tuned to see how the others improve.  Thank you Dr. Stubbs!!!