Connecting With Your Horse


Learning anything of quality must have a simple and basic start.

All things artistic take time and patience to do them well.   I would not expect to play an instrument, dance ballet, or paint like a master in a short amount of time.  And yet, some students come to me thinking horse riding will be easy and quick.  If I do my job well, I will engage them in the “ART” of riding and they will appreciate the journey ahead.

Like the art of speaking a second language fluently, communicating with your horse will begin with simple and basic first steps.  We begin with basics such as: horses move away from pressure and they seek the reward of no pressure.  We work hard on developing soft, consistent, deliberate communication. Mastering these basics during early training and exercises gives my riders a glimpse into the exciting world ahead of them.  Think of how a reining horse glides through their pattern often with what looks like no movement from the rider. Think of how amazing a top level dressage horse looks in competition.  All of the best outcomes rely on the building blocks of good communication and practice.  Horses are creatures of habit.  Consistency in communication is vital to maintain even the most well-trained  horse.  As both horse and rider gain more experience and skill, their ability to communicate together shapes that perfect ride we strive for.