Good Omens Really Exist In Horse Shows

A month ago I wrote a blog about my adult student, Vivian, and her disappointing horse show results.  In the blog I talked about not giving up and how important it is to be able to set new and realistic goals.  Vivian and I went back to the drawing board on a plan to achieve success at the next Hunter/Jumper show and the plan included trying a different horse.  We figured in how much time Vivian would have in the upcoming month to prepare for her next opportunity.  I suggested she ride my young project, Billy, and I would put training rides on her both at home and at the show.  I would also show her in the classes, prior to hers, to ensure the best outcome. Vivian and her husband made a weekend plan to ensure that Vivian would have the time needed to practice more at the show.  Last weekend we put this plan to the test.


The show took off with my adorable cross rail kiddos winning many ribbons.  I had 7 Special Beginners, the most I have ever had,  who had to be ready to show at 7:30 am.  Starting at 5 am we were a flurry of preparation and by 7:30 all 7 were mounted, fluffed and buffed, ready to ride.  Somewhere in that early morning plan, I took Billy to the outdoor ring to practice her 2’6″ course that I would show her in later.  She was perfect, quiet and workmanlike, seeming not at all green that morning.  I called it a good omen.


Even my grand daughter, Madison won her first ribbons in cross rails at this show.  We were off to a great start.  Saturday continued with much success, all of our riders were winning in their divisions and the ribbon board was increasing quickly.  The beginner division was yet to come and Vivian was one of  my 4 riders to wait the long day to compete in the largest division of the show.  There were 40 some riders competing for the sought after satin ribbons.  My riders gave it their best, but not one could win a ribbon in this huge class.  Oh well, spirits were good and tomorrow was another day.


Sunday started out great, just like Saturday.  It was Mother’s Day and all of us mother’s joked about how sitting around a dusty arena was the best day we could ask for.  Vivian was excited that her 2 small children and her husband had seen her ride the day before and this day was her present to herself.  She had the afternoon to focus on her goals and she was optimistic to go out and try again to win the elusive ribbon in the 2 ft division.  During a quiet break in my coaching schedule, I saddled up and took Billy out for our round of 2’6″ schooling hunters .  She was amazing and we won 2nd place out of 39.  Another good omen.  Now I really wanted Vivian to win something for her hard work and commitment.


As Sunday afternoon became long and dragged out, spirits were good but tired.  We started talking about good omens.  I asked the  brilliant students around me whether the phrase good omen  was grammatically correct.  We discussed what it could mean and had some laughs about predictions and things related to our show experience.  As their coach, I was still wishing for a good omen to predict a ribbon for our last 4 beginner riders.  Then it was showtime.  Away we went, all polished up and looking ready.  All 4 rounds went exceptionally well.  Standing at the gate, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment as they finished up each course and I thought maybe I was sensing a good omen. After the over fences rounds, we went to hang out at the barn and wait on our flat class.  Vivian was thinking it was getting too late and she should go home before the flat.  When she called home, her husband told her to stay and enjoy herself, he was fine to feed the kids and get them ready for bed. WHAT A GREAT DAD!  Finally the huge flat class was to take place.  The large number of exhibitors caused the class to be split, and the day became longer.  What seemed like forever to finish, finally came to an end and we started the packing up process.  As I was organizing gear in the trailer, I heard over the PA the results of the division and Vivian and Billy had won the Hunter over Fences round!  First place out of 40 something!  The good omens had proved true, the predictions were right, we were in for something great.  Vivian’s hard work and commitment had paid off and our team work proved to be successful.  Even better was that our other 2 ft riders learned that they had placed, Ashley and our new pony, Misty took a 5th.  And, Hope and her horse Mel, earned a 6th in their very first horse show ever.  My life is full of good omens.

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