Get As Close To A PRO As You Can Be, And Listen

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Over the weekend, I organized a USTPA youth clinic in Brenham, Texas where Mr. Brian Buckner volunteered his time to work with the kids. My job was to be sure that the clinic ran smoothly and that the riders had a good time. The evening was fantastic. The kids were enthusiastic and so eager to learn.

Mr. Buckner, as usual, was funny and super kid-friendly. Let me tell you more about him.

Brian is an “open” rider in the United States Team Penning Association. He is one of the few 7 rated riders in the world and he is pretty darn amazing. Not only are his riding skills world-class, but Mr. Buckner’s integrity as a horseman matches. I have had the pleasure of buying horses from him, hosting clinics with him, and watching him encourage my new riders. This weekend it was an honor to sit next to him and listen.

Sometimes it is so hard not be on a horse, but instead, sitting on the rail watching all those that are.
I always encourage my riders to watch clinics while imagining that they are on their horse. Sure, you’re not actually riding, but your brain is still soaking up information. To be a GREAT rider you need to soak up everything, in every moment, that you can. I’m never bored if there is a horse around me. I’m too busy checking out all of the things I am crazy about; conformation, hooves, equipment, training methods, rider position, communication, the list goes on and on.

To sit next to Brian Buckner and listen for 3 hours was a golden opportunity! I must have picked up at least 100 tips about horsemanship and working cattle. I plan to pass those tips along to all of you in the near future. The clinic gave me an opportunity to practice my new goal: talk less and listen more. Especially in situations like the clinic in Brenham. It was a privilege to be in the company of someone as knowledgable as Mr. Buckner.

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