Every Successful Horse Has A Committed Rider


During my ride on Barbie today, the skies opened up and soaked us.  I should’ve called it quits, and I should’ve worried about my clothes and my equipment.  Instead of stopping, I became empowered by the sheer energy of the great ride we were having.  Barbie is my daughter Kelly’s gorgeous, young, warmblood mare.  She is the kind of horse that when all the stars align in a show ring, she wins hands down.  I have experienced that fun on her in our past, yet it was not without a lot of commitment.  As I rode in the rain, I ironed out a few of her wrinkles.  I was thinking about how important it is that our horses learn to perform in all environments.  As my rain soaked appearance must have looked pretty funny, people at the barn kept commenting, “Wow! You are really committed today.”  And, they were right.  I know if I want to keep my winning streak going, I must not let a little rain get in the way of my commitment.  This is what 58 years of stubbornness looks like on a horse:)