This Must Be The Best Job Ever!


I just returned from Spain on Saturday night and my head is spinning with memories.  My sister, Tami, and her husband, John, were able to join us and that made this trip even more special.  We stayed with our daughter and her family in Madrid and we took many side trips.  Our trip to Barcelona to see our new great nephew, Julian, was part of these special memories.


You might think that going on vacation would be a time to get away from your daily grind, forget the stress of your job, and relax?  I’m sure I did a little bit of that, but FORGET my job??? Hardly! Everywhere we went,  I was reminded of why I have THE BEST JOB EVER.


On one of the days we visited Retiro Park in Madrid.  Entering the park, we saw the funny “horse box” that I recognized as the Guardia Royal van used to transport the royal horses.  As soon as we saw the splendid Spanish horses, my sister exclaimed, “that must be the best job ever!”  I heard her words and thought to myself,  “She’s right!  Being around horses everyday is THE BEST JOB EVER!”  We respectfully asked permission to come close to the horses and the policeman were friendly and gave us permission to do so.   As I stood close to the horses, I was thinking about how familiar and nice the smell of their bodies was.  I was noticing everything about their grooming and the type of tack they used.  Was I forgetting my job?  No, it was just the opposite!  I was thinking about how I missed my own horses and the students back home.


I know that the rest of my travel companions were reminded of their work at home.  My husband, who owns gas stations, commented about the price of diesel and my brother-in-law, who is in construction, was amazed at the architecture in the ancient buildings.  My sister had left her work in anaerobic air chambers back home but I don’t think we saw many reminders of her “bags” in our travels.  🙂  We talked very little about work.  It seemed important to leave it all behind us on this trip.  I did my best to not utter the word horse.  Yet the minute we saw horses, not just me, but all of my companions were taken by the horses’ presence.  I didn’t say it, I just knew that I have  THE BEST JOB EVER!