My Student, Alice Apple, Does It Again..

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AsAlice Apple is the the best example of a good horse kid, as there ever was.  She is humble, polite, and works hard to achieve her goals.  Alice understands that her ability to compete is a privilege.  Yesterday, she won her second World Championship and will bring home another trophy saddle from Fort Worth.


In a world where so many kids are losing sight of the important bigger picture, Alice never falters.   She and I have great conversations about the treatment of horses and where to draw the line between training and abuse.  We talk about ethics and the need to stay true to your beliefs.  And, she is a smiling, happy, fun and very helpful kid.

I am so glad youth like her can have their shining moment.  As I head up to Fort Worth, I think about how proud I will be to have had an influence in her success.  And, I hope a little bit of her good luck will rub off on me as we compete together in the ranch sorting classes on Saturday:)

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