I Love My Adult Amateurs!

shannan (1)

Every Wednesday morning I look forward to my 9am students.  This lesson is a group of moms, who have been watching their children ride for quite some time now.  They have been sitting on the sidelines listening and thinking, surely diagonals can’t be that difficult, surely keeping a rhythm shouldn’t be so complicated, and surely the horse does all the work…..AND NOW THEY ARE RIDING!  In a short time, they have already come to the appreciation of how difficult the sport is, and how delightful their time with their horse has become.

adults (1)

Over the last few months we have grown together.  Yes, I have improved with them and here is why.  Each lesson I hear about all their challenges, doubts, and confidence issues.  The details are at a different level than mine, but truthfully we all have doubts that we have to face.  My adult students are more of a window into my own soul of doubts.  Youth riders are a totally different animal, they hear us, old people, talk and they move on to how high will Ms Kathy let us jump on Thursday. 

Next weekend we are heading to their first show.  I am so proud of them for stepping in to the arena, sure at a low level, but they are going to do it!  For them this is not about a ribbon, it is about doing something for themselves, and overcoming the adult caution I talk about.  The choice had a little bit of the who cares what I look like in it, and what do I have to lose in it.

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What I do know is we are going to have fun and laugh, maybe tell some stories, maybe have a glass of wine at the end of the night.  They have inspired me to approach my classes, that I will show Barbie in, with the same spirit.  Who cares if she stops at the bright pretty flower jumps?  Who will really notice if I make a mistake?  I love riding young horses and that is all that should matter.  My Adult Amateurs love riding their good ole school masters, and that is all that should matter…..