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Riding Horses with Kathy Slack is equivalent to having a personal coach, teaching you to ride, on your horse in your own arena. Each lesson focuses on horseback riding basics to create a solid riding foundation. Like my satisfied students here in Austin, you will have access to tools that will help you communicate better with your horse.  You’ll learn to engage your seat to be more one-with your horse and your hands will become softer. My program is based on years of experience helping riders both young and old to achieve their goals.

I believe that becoming a better rider brings out the best performance in your horse. I’m confident that your riding will improve by listening to the instruction that has made me successful in producing top riders in many disciplines. My format allows you to personalize your needs, choosing from our list of varied topics and lesson levels.  Each lesson varies in length depending on the topic and combines ongoing audio directives with video or photograph reference to ensure complete understanding of your position, communication, and the correct movement of the horse. We hope you join my growing number of students who have gained more confidence and a better relationship with their horse.

My lessons are available for download in our website store, in iTunes and Google Apps.