About Kathy

kathy_withrider I was born loving horses. I spent my early years growing up on sidewalks in the suburbs but dreaming of a barn and pastures. I was the girl at summer camp who rode the “trouble” horses others considered miserable just to be on horseback a little longer. At age 14, with my hard earned babysitting money, I bought my first horse trailer. Yes, a horse trailer! I didn’t spend it on clothes or going to the movies with friends.

By 16 years old I was showing for other people and began teaching basic horsemanship. I then realized that my passion was unlocking the mystery of communication between the horse and rider.

First Saddle

I have been a riding instructor for over 40 years now, teaching horsemanship in many capacities. I’ve taught voluntarily with 4-H and High School Equestrian teams across the country and I love working with beginner riders.  I’m thrilled that my young grandkids are some of my newest students!

Currently, I am the owner of two riding facilities in Austin, Texas, where I ride, teach and train. I’m proud to have served as a Regional Director of the United States Team Penning Association (USTPA) and I’m an ambassador for horseback riding safety and riding helmet use.

I’ve discovered that my teaching enthusiasm and talents are producing a consistent stream of successful riders. I’m proud to say that many have gained national recognition. I am equally proud to say that many are now having fun in their backyards and have found a true connection with their horse.


Kathy Slack