Riding Horses with Kathy Slack

Begin today with a personalized lesson program based on your needs. Are you a beginner rider looking for a guide to the basics? Or have years of horseback riding left you with a desire to move on to the next level?

Congratulations! You have found your coach.


Riding Horses with Kathy Slack is a learn-while-you ride collection of Western and English horsemanship lessons.  Each lesson goes with you to your arena and focuses on fundamental skill sets that every rider can master to build a solid foundation.  Riders can purchase lessons based on their needs to truly customize their experience and training.  Lessons can be purchased through our website, or, download our application that is available in the iTunes store.  The app will have several new lessons available for in-app purchase each month.

Ride along to Kathy’s instruction using your iPhone, iPod or any other hands free portable device and you’ll have access to this unique and successful teaching method.  With a choice of audio/video or audio with still photography, riders are given the tools they need to improve their skills and confidence in their own arena or backyard.

Kathy Slack is the owner of two riding facilities in Austin, Texas where she teaches, trains and rides.  Since 1972, Kathy’s teaching enthusiasm and talent has produced a consistent stream of successful riders, many who have won national and world titles.  You can find Kathy serving as a board member of the USTPA, competing and coaching at events around the country, or at www.ridinghorses.com

We hope you’ll join Kathy’s growing number of students who have gained more confidence and a better relationship with their horse.