We offer private, semi-private and group English riding lessons. During the summer months our group lessons are in the evenings after summer camp.

Lesson Prices:

Private Lesson  $70/hr

Semi Private Lesson  (2-3 students)  $55/hr

Group Lesson  (4-8 students)  $45/hr

If you are interested in starting lessons, please use contact us for information.

 Criteria for Lessons

Beginner English

Beginner riders often need help tacking up the horse.  They can walk and trot on the rail and may be starting to canter.  Our beginner riders are in the formative stages of jumping, starting with cavalettes and cross rails.

Intermediate English

Intermediate riders can tack up the horse independently.  They are able to walk, trot and canter on the rail and they understand diagonals and leads.  Intermediate riders are jumping cross rails and up to 2.0′.

Advanced English

Advanced riders can perform all of the above and are jumping over 2.0′.  Our advanced riders are working on lead changes and polishing their equitation over fences.

Trainer Contact Info:

Kathy: 512-632-7433     Kelly: 512-923-1425