Updated Barn Plan - April 22, 2020

I hope this email finds you well and encouraged by the success of our community efforts. Our horses are doing great and we're ready to take the next step to increase our activities here at the barn.
Right now, we are offering the 2 hour slots for barn time. You may sign up on the website, ridinghorses.com, under the resources tab. As our local healthcare system is not even at capacity, we have been permitting the riding of horses. This is in compliance with exercising our pets. This opportunity is for all of our students who wish to maintain the support of their riding program. I'd like to clarify that this includes lesson students who do not own or lease a horse.
Now, we are able to add one more option to this existing plan. As of today you may find a second sign up on the website that allows an additional person to sign up during the open hours of the barn. This sign up will also be on the resources page and will be designated as the sign up for the supervised jumping. These hours are 8 am until 8 pm with the last sign up occurring at 6pm. This slot is going to be for a supervised jumping opportunity. The plan is that there will be jumps set up in the 1st arena. A rider who has signed up for a scheduled 2 hr slot will have exclusive access to the 1st arena for 30 minutes of supervised jumping. The details of the 2 hour time frame will look like this:
A rider arrives and checks in with the designated supervisor of the allotted time. The supervisor will determine the safe level of jumping for the rider.
The rider adjusts the jumps to meet the determined guidelines.
After the jumps are set, the rider tacks up their horse and warms the horse up for 30 minutes on the flat.
The rider will then be given 30 minutes of exclusive access to the first arena for jumping exercises. These exercises will be monitored for safety and appropriate use of the time.
I ask that riders sign up for only 1 jumping slot per week as we move into this next expansion of the allowed activities.
We will still offer the 3 slots for non jumping barn time.
I am ready to expand our offerings as we follow the guidelines set by the government. As the restrictions loosen, I am thinking the next step will be to return to lessons on a private basis. There has not been any indication as to when that will be allowed. On that note, we don't know whether camps will be allowed in the near future. However, I am planning ahead to be ready for a 2020 camp season if that door opens.
I feel this is a good time to address FAQ's
Do I need to wear a mask at the barn? We are asking that all clients have a mask available to be worn when gathering and not riding or exercising. This follows the current orders for outdoor activities.
Are these programs only for owners or leasees? The current offerings are for all of the BCRC clientele. Thus "lesson only" students are welcome to sign up for the 2 hour barn slots.
May i jump if no one else is in the jumping arena? Only the one rider signed up for jumping will be allowed to jump in the allotted slot.
Can I sign up for more barn time in a week? We hope that all the available slots are filled each week. If you check the night before and find an available slot, you may sign up for that opening.
As we move towards May, I know that each person and their family is needing to make unique decisions. I've been encouraging every one to reach out to me if you have questions about how to manage your horse program. If you wish to talk, send me a text and let me know the best time to call. 512-632-7433 I appreciate all of you as we travel this road together.

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