Updated Barn Closures, June Show Info, and Camp info

Good morning,
Time for some summer planning.
This Saturday May 22 at 4 pm I will have a NON mandatory camp counselor meeting. If you own or lease a horse and you are interested in learning how the counselor program works, this is a great event to attend. If you are a returning counselor and wish to be a part of this planning, please come as well. In other words, I will answer all questions regarding camp staffing at this time. Keep in mind that not all camp positions are paid. If you've been paid in the past, you will be paid this year and I'll need your schedule desires for this summer. If you are a new volunteer, junior counselor you will not need to commit to a schedule and we will appreciate your help as you learn how to move up in the ranks. Hope to see you there!
CHECK THIS OUT! MAY 30TH 6PM On behalf of a longtime supporter of Bee Cave Riding Center, we are offering a social event under the cover at the barn. This is a new entertainment idea that Tami Dever is launching here in Austin. Text me if you think you'll be able to attend. We'll have tables and chairs set up and you're welcome to bring any food or snacks as well as beverages. Kids are welcome, but her experience is they'll be bored with the program so we'll encourage kids to entertain themselves safely around the barn.
Get ready to have “Nothin’ But a Good Time!"
You’re invited to Ultimate Mix Tape LIVE!, an in-person trivia event based on Tami Dever's retro music quiz book, Ultimate Mix Tape.
We would love to have your help. This will be a roughly 2-hour beta-test event, so anything could happen. ;) We'll be asking for your feedback afterward to make this something we can offer to venues around town and, eventually, nationwide.
If you love and know ’70s and ’80s music, this will be a blast! Themed costumes are encouraged, but not required. You’ll play in teams of about 5–8 people, so less pressure and more fun. ;) We’ll have a DJ running this interactive There’s no compensation, but we’ll offer a few ’80s snacks and “The Best of Times” hanging out and (hopefully) remembering great music. The winning team gets a prize pack and we’ll have a merch table in case you’d like more retro goodies. 
WHEN: May 30, 2021: 6pm start time (“Doors open” at 5:30.)
WHERE: Bee Cave Riding Center, in the covered arena
Thanks and stay rad!
The next Dripping Springs horse show is June 19th and 20th. Sign up is on the board or the web and I'll send out more info as we get closer to the date. We're working on scheduling more A shows and other local opportunities to add to the summer plan.
As we enter the summer camp season we must implement the rule that children who come to ride outside of lessons must have an adult on the premises during the camp hours of 9-5 on any camp day. If we allowed drop in riding time during the summer camp days, we would not be able to manage the balance between camp volunteer and unsupervised riders. This has been our policy for 23 years:) To recap for owners and leasees.
During camp hours riders must either be 16 yrs or older with their own transportation to be unattended riders. All other children must have an adult present with them during camp hours or they will be considered volunteers and they will be asked to help with camp. All youth riders may ride before camp, during a lunch hour, or after camp if their is no adult with them.
Please connect with your instructor for some summer time lesson schedule changes. We will be offering some morning lesson times that occur before camp for some riders. Many lesson times will stay the same. Each instructor will verify your lesson time as we move into June.
The next barn closing is the 4th of July, midsummer, break. The barn will close for lessons on July 1st and will reopen with lessons starting on July 12th. Please keep in mind this is a scheduled closing that accounts for the months that riders receive 5 lessons and we don't charge additional fees. There is no need to adjust any invoices related to this closing. Our horses will appreciate the break! Owners and leasees may access the barn during this time.
Hard to believe summer is here! I' m sure the kiddos are ready!!!
Thank you all for making Bee Cave the place it is:)

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