Upcoming Shows & Info

Due to some construction set backs related to the storm, we won't be holding a spring break camp. We are going to finish the fencing around the arena and install the sprinkler system to be ready for a summer camp.
Our horse show in Dripping Springs is only a week away! Please submit your entries as soon as you know if you are participating. You may do it either on line on the website or on the blackboard behind the arena. You only need to let me know the name of the rider and the horse you will ride. I will choose the classes and complete the entries.
SOMETHING NEW! This Sunday starting at noon, we will host an IHSA scrimmage with Schreiner University at our barn. The afternoon will be modeled after the collegiate riding program that many of our students wish to participate in when they attend college. This will be a horse show, the riders will need to participate in their horse show attire, and the cost is $50 for the afternoon. We have a local judge hired and riders will receive ribbons just as in a horse show. The fun of this type of format is that riders will be drawing a horse, to compete on, from our available barn horses. We are encouraging all riders, of middle school age and up who are interested in the event, to try it out! There is a level of competition for anyone, starting with those who can comfortably walk, trot and canter as well as jump crossrails.
In a sanctioned IHSA program 4-5 schools would be competing together at one time. Depending on how many of our riders participate we'll be able to give the feel of numerous schools. The concept was formed to offer some form of collegiate competition to the Schreiner University students since their spring program was canceled due to Covid. Covid guidelines will be followed. PLEASE TEXT ME THE RIDERS NAME IF YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE, 512-632-7433 The regularly scheduled make up lesson will still be available at 1 pm for those who need to attend.
THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR FAMILIES FOR THE WONDERFUL SUPPORT OF OUR STAFF WHO WORKED DURING THE STORM. The money raised was greatly appreciated and it provided a huge thank you to them. We are grateful for your thoughtfulness.
Horse shows are continuing with the next "A" show in Katy. We will attend week 2 of Pin Oak, March 31st through April 3rd. This show ends on Saturday to observe Easter Sunday. Text me if you're interested in going.
The Dripping Springs series are the following dates:
March 13 and 14
April 17 and 18
June 19 and 20
September 18 and 19
See you around the barn!

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