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Good Morning!
Horse Show Season is here. Our first schooling show is scheduled for San Antonio on February 22 & 23rd with horses leaving friday morning on the 21st. The sign up is on our board near the arena and we're excited to have quite a few already. Please either sign up in the next couple of days or text me and I'll add you. The shows will run more smoothly if we have our number as early as possible. However, if you decide last minute, there is a possibility of that. We know scheduling/readiness can be a tough decision.
The first "A" show is scheduled to be the 2nd and 3rd weeks of Pin Oak in Katy Texas.
The dates are March 27,28, & 29. and April 3, 4, & 5. If you are interested and want more information please contact me for a discussion on the next step of attending an A show.
Horse shows are divided into basically two categories, schooling shows or "A" shows. The costs are different for many reasons and BCRC works hard to keep our costs down to encourage riders to experience whatever level they aspire to.
Schooling Shows examples. SanAntonio and Dripping Springs.
Payment made to the horse show producers includes the following items. It is customary to leave a blank check with the office to allow for adds and scratches of classes throughout the show. At the end of the show you will meet with the office staff to check out and ensure you're invoice is correct. I know for first timers this seems strange, but it is an age old practice, even in the modern high tech age. You may pay cash as well.
Entry fees $20 per class. each division is 6 classes approx amount $120.00
Stall fee. for the weekend $ 80.00
Shavings (bedding for the stall) $ 66.00
Medic/Office fee $45.00
Total may be different if more classes are ridden $311.00
Payment made to BCRC invoiced after the show
Trailer Fee round trip to shows within 90 miles of BCRC $125.00
Trainer Fee. per day is $35.00 with most riders having fri/sat/sun $105.00
Set up fee. pays for buckets, hooks, fans etc, and the work
of setting up and tearing down. $ 35.00
Show Clip. The grooming for this level of competition $30.00
Groom fee. The hiring of a staff person for the care of the horse. $25.00
Total $320.00
So figure about $600.00 for the weekend. If horses are shared, the trailer, shavings, stall, grooms and show clip are split and overall cost is less.
Now for the "A" show fees.
Show management fees paid to the show producers.
Stall fee $250.00
Shavings $88.00
Misc fees. ringside amenities, membership fees etc approx $100.00
Entries can fluctuate depending on classes Approx $ 400.00
Total $838.00
Show fees paid to BCRC
Trailer Fee for shows greater than 90 miles $250.00
Trainer Fees per day $100.00 $300.00
Set up fee $35.00
Share costs of trainer expenses, hotel and food approx $75.00
Total $660.00
One time per year body clip. before the first A show in the spring $150.00
Otherwise each show has a show clip at $35.00
Plan on A show costs to about $1500.00 per weekend. I've had parents equate the difference to be like select sports team costs. A shows put us in a nationally recognized level of competition with classes for all types of riders.
I hope this helps and feel free to contact me if you have more questions. Our schedule is posted on the board to help plan for most all of our dates. More dates may be added if requested.
Distribution of used horse/clothing items.
Please check out all the items in the middle room of the art school. There are many usable things to be taken for free!! We are doing a massive clean up to be completed before spring break camp, and will donate these items to a charity by February 15th.
A few requests:)
Please talk with your children about cleaning up their work space after their ride. Our cross ties are left each night with many pieces of equipment left out and manure left in the area. I am sharing with them, in their lesson, this week of this responsibility. I've decided that if it doesn't improve, next week I'll be asking all instructors to end their lessons 15 minutes early so we can monitor the process of putting things away properly. This will be for one week only. I think one of the best benefits of our sport is teaching how to care for our horse, the tack, and the environment. Let's hope our teamwork makes the needed improvements.
Arena lights have been left on when riders leave at the end of the night. Not only are they costly, but more important, it is a strongly needed consideration to our neighbors. Last week the lights were left on on Wednesday night until 11 pm. We are grateful that our neighbors are so supportive of our need for night time rides, but I must point out that the lights shine directly into their homes. PLEASE if you are picking up your child, or you are leaving and you note the lights are still on when there seems to be no more riders, be sure to turn the lights off.
I thank everyone for being so supportive of our horse haven. I really do enjoy each and everyone of you, and the opportunity to work with your children!

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