Summer Lesson Schedule & Show Details

June 1s is right around the corner and we're ready!
Let's start with lessons. If you have ridden with me, Kathy, I'll be starting with my group lessons on June 1st with the following schedule.
Please note, some of these classes are flexible in design. This means that you may attend wherever it fits in your schedule. There is no sign up necessary. We are removing the current sign up on the website for lessons and barn times. This schedule will remain in effect throughout the summer, until school resumes, and as we know, this summer may end in a unique way. BCRC will continue to offer options as we assess what the schools may do as students return or not return in August.
The following plan is for all of the riders who have maintained a relationship with the barn throughout the months of April and May. If you had to take time off, please contact Kathy to arrange the best way to return to lessons. Our numbers at the barn do stil3l count and we may have to be patient to return to full swing.
Flexible summer lessons
Monday 5:30 Intermediate riders, walk, trot canter up to 2' jumps
Tuesday 7 am and 8 am both of these classes will be for riders who are jumping 2'3" up to 2'9 I'll consider them as separate classes but of the same level. A rider may choose which time works best for them.
Tuesday at 5:30pm group lesson for riders who are jumping cross rails up to 2 ft verticles.
Wednesday 7 am will be a 2 ft to 2'3" group lesson.
Thursday 7 am is another 2'3" up to 2'9"
Thursday at 8 am will be for riders jumping 2'9" up to 3'6"
Thursday 4:30 is a group lesson for beginner riders up to 2'
Thursday 5:30 is a group lesson for intermediate riders up to 2'6" jumps
Friday at 8 am is for adults of all levels. This includes our college age students up to 2'6" jumping.
Please remember the above classes are flexible in design, however they are paid for in the monthly tuition structure that has always been in place. We are returning to all policies that were in place prior to March 15th. This means that with your board/lease you may take 1 group lesson per week, included in the board/lease payment. Any additional lessons must be part of a monthly commitment and will allow you to access that number of lessons in a week.
All of these plans are monthly tuition and payment is due on the 1st of the month.
Wednesday at 8 am is full. Those riders have been contacted and this class is not flexible in design.
Saturday 9 am is for beginner riders learning to canter and jumping up to small verticles. Please contact Kathy to schedule in this group lesson.
Saturday at 10 am is a group lesson for young riders who may be cantering up to 2' jumps.
Please contact Kathy to schedule in this group.
Saturday at 1 pm is for riders jumping up to 2'9" Contact Kathy to be included.
Any other Saturday classes are by appointment for privates.
If you are one of the 5 people who have had a private lesson arrangement with Kathy in the past, contact her to arrange the best fit for you.
Anneke will continue the Sunday schedule of lessons. Please contact her for scheduling in her Sunday program.
Tatiana and Brigid have been reaching out to their students. If you need to schedule with them, please contact them.
Please confirm your plan to attend the June 6th one day Manor show. I have filled the spots and need to be sure I haven't left anyone out. Text me your intent just to be sure!
There is the quick sign up on the resources page for the June 20,21st show in Dripping Springs. Please let us know if you're planning to attend.
We will be going to Sante Fe this year , August 4th thru 9th Details to follow.

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