Summer Camp - Opening June 1

It's time to talk about camp. We're certain camp will be taking place beginning on June 1st. We're also sure that the guidelines will not allow all the owners and leasees to attend camp as volunteer junior counselors. This year I will need to restrict numbers to ensure we have a safe environment that follows the restrictions that will be announced next week.
As of today, I'm planning to operate the camp with paid staff. I have secured my adult staff and will now be reaching out to the teenage riders who've shown an interest in being staff this year.
I would like to encourage my young riders to attend camp as campers and we will be sure that each week is geared toward meeting new goals. I anticipate the camps to have a more advanced class that will offer a challenge to these riders. The enrollment is available on the website and we'll not announce the opening to the public until May 15th to allow for our barn families to consider signing up.
This year:
All paid staff will be in a formal arrangement and identified prior to June 1st, with a schedule of hours.
All owners or leasees who wish to be at the barn during camp hours must be paid staff. Or, they are attending camp as campers, who have enrolled on line.
We will still have some opportunity for owners and leasees to access the barn, with some type of sign up, this summer. Like previous summers, an adult must be present the entire time the child is at the barn during camp hours, if they are not paid campers. We will continue a schedule of lessons as well during the summer.
These changes are a plan to go forward with camp for the 2020 season and I will be very happy to return to the "old" system just as soon as it is deemed appropriate. Hang in there with me! Things continue to evolve every step of the way. I have some ideas to enhance our summer opportunities. But for now, please sign up any of your riders for a camp and we will offer an advanced opportunity to further their skills.

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