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It's show time!!
I met with the Dripping Springs Arena management today and I was impressed with their policies in place for a gathering of this kind. They are disinfecting all the touchable surfaces frequently, the bathrooms are on a strict cleaning schedule and they are giving us the large room with A/C for ample social distancing. The horse show office will be in this large space to minimize the close contact.
They ask that we comply with the following requests.
Only exhibitors, one parent/guardian, coaches and stable staff may be in the stall and arena area. To be in the barn, warm up, and arena areas you must have an armband that designates you as, one of the people permitted to be working with the exhibitors, or an exhibitor. All spectators will be allowed to bring their own chair to view the arena from the platform area. Spectators will be allowed in the space provided with Air Conditioning. The management asks that spectators park and enter from the parking lot on the south side. There will be signs to guide you to the areas designated for spectators. Masks are optional. The social distancing guidelines are that we keep 6 ft apart unless you are living in the same household.
Horse riders will be tacking up in the stalls. No chairs are allowed in the stable area and no congregating is allowed in the barn aisles.
We do have the awesome food of Space Cowboy Catering!
Thursday I will be at the barn all day for packing and preparing for a quick Friday. The 7 am and 8 am Thursday lessons will take place for those planning to ride in the morning. Any one wishing to help on Thursday may plan to hang with me much of the day. Thursday evening lessons will be as normal.
Friday, horses will start hauling to DS starting at 8 am. Plan to school sometime between 12 noon and 8pm Wash racks will be available with some restriction of the number of horses in each bay. We will take tack boxes and they will be loaded into a trailer on Thursday afternoon. BCRC will have bathing supplies if you need to use some.
The Friday 8 am lesson will be offered by Macayla for those riders in this time slot.
This is the list I currently have of riders from our barn. Text me if you have any changes to be made to this list.
Avery and Zeke Brooklyn and Jake Darby and Keller
Olivia and Carlin Sierra and Cochise Sophia F and LuLu
Nicole and Carlin Radhika and Midnight Kate and Sharky
Miguel and BamBam Caris and Freedom Riley and Devon
Sophia and Hiccup Ayla and Barnabus Taya and Quinn
Taya and Fukayna Kiki and Cupcake Andie and Afrika
Aisha and Jester Allison and Remi Emma P and Chip
Emma P and Fish Lyla and Tulsa Madison and Fergie
Eleanor and Endey Emelia and Aruba Ella and Tia
Killian and Smokey Savanah and Barnabus Emily and Billy
Leah and Smokey Valerie and Electra Camille and Fiona
Macayla and Pickles
The show starts on Saturday with the big arena starting at 7:30 am. Right now it looks like this in the big arena on Saturday these are approximate times
2 ft hunters 7:30 2' jumpers 1:30
2'3" hunters 9:00 2'3" jumpers 3:00
2'6" hunters 10:30 2'6" jumpers 4:00
2'9" hunters 11:30 2'9" jumpers 5:00
3'0" hunters 12:30 3'0" jumpers 5:30
course change and drag 3'3" jumpers 6:00
3'6" jumpers 6:30
Small arena starts at 8:30 on Saturday and looks like this:
Cavaletti hunters at 8:30
Cross Rail hunters at 10:00
2 ft twice around at 11:30
Course change and drag
cavaletti jumpers at 1:00
Cross rail jumpers at 2:00
Sunday the schedule starts with Jumpers in both rings and then goes to hunters in the afternoon. I will update Sunday's time frames on Friday.
The dress code for this show will be proper attire with show jackets being optional. Due to the heat you may wear a polo shirt instead of a show jacket. Show jackets may be worn. All shirts should be tucked in with a belt. Breeches or Jodphurs should be a tan color for showing in the hunters, jumpers may wear other colored breeches. Have hair neatly in a hair net, with a black show helmet. Wear black gloves and polish your boots.
Most importantly come and enjoy an opportunity to share our passion of horses. For first timers to the show ring, the day may seem really long and it's important to eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Get a good night's sleep too:)
We are looking for another A show option in that time frame. We'll keep you posted!

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