Private Tack Room News

This Friday from 4pm until 6:30 pm I'll be spearheading a massive clean up of the private tack room.
If you no longer lease or own a horse please arrange to have your personal stuff picked up before Friday. Otherwise it will be placed in the art school until February 20th after the 20th we will disperse of the contents.
If you wish to help, I'll be happy to have you:)
After the clean up we are asking that all contents fit in your tack box except your saddle, 2 saddle pads and 2 girths may be on a saddle rack.
If you don't own a saddle, please keep your belongings in a tack box.
Let's keep things neat and tidy, Saddles should have covers and the stirrups in their storage position.
See you soon!

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