New Year & Dripping Spring Show Dates

All horses are fine! On these wintery days I like to remind all horse lovers that our horses are well cared for. I encourage everyone to research the information about how horses manage inclement weather. It's really interesting how their coats and increased body temperature can make theses days bearable. We have put out triple the amount of hay and have put it in the lower pasture under the trees where it is a great shelter. The ability to forage and increase calories is part of the plan.
The horse show schedule is slow to come together this year:( Some are being cancelled and it will be hard to plan precisely what next few months will bring. Right now we have a schedule that includes an "A" show in Waco on January 22,23, & 24th. Contact me if you are interested. The biggest difference in an "A" show and a schooling show is the increased cost that comes with attending a nationally recognized form of competition. "A" shows cost about $1500.00 per horse and rider. Appropriate attire must be worn so there may be added costs in stepping up. Schooling shows will cost approximately $700 for a weekend.
Save the dates.
We have confirmed our series of schooling shows produced by us, and held in Dripping Springs at the Ranch Park.
March 13 & 14
April 17 & 18
June 19 & 20
September 18 & 19
I will give a detailed agenda and costs of the above schooling shows as we get a little closer.
We are collecting rain water and snow melt off today!!! Who would've thought that here. I'm really excited about the projects that will complete the covered arena improvements. Stay tuned for the sound system, overhead sprinkler system and the observation deck! I can't thank everyone enough for the contributions that are helping to make this happen!
Today we're unloading 750 bales of hay here at Signal Hill Ranch and I have to run some over to Bee Cave. Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive and growing up in Michigan. So not enough time for my elaborate show information today, but wanted to get some dates out there.
Stay safe, Warm and Dry

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