My Love For Teaching

I love to teach.  Everyday I’m thankful that my passion for horses has brought me the best job imaginable.  I teach riders how to achieve their goals and enjoy their horses.  As a result of my students always telling me after lessons, “I wish I could just replay this lesson over and over,” I have created a way to share my knowledge and enthusiasm.  Without trailering to me, or even living in Austin, Texas, we can “ride” together!  Riding Horses with Kathy Slack is a collections of  riding lessons that you can use while riding your horse.  That’s right, not by watching TV or reading a magazine, but rather where we all learn best-with our horse.  It is easy!  Go to the app store and find Riding Horses with Kathy Slack. Check out the free sample and the 99 cent lessons.  I will be creating new lessons each week to help you continue toward your goals.  Keep checking back, and send me your feedback! I can’t wait to hear what topics you would like to focus on and have access to.  I am very excited to think that I can be of help by reaching out to all the riders who wish to ride better, communicate more effectively, and, most importantly, have fun.

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