Moving Forward - Camp, Shows & more

Happy Sunday!
With all the events of the past 2 months our barn closing dates need to be revisited. The original schedule was to have the barn closed over memorial day weekend. We are going to change that because our lesson/barn time sign ups continue until the 28th of May. Therefore we will close for 3 days to prepare for the start of camp. May 29th, 30th and 31st will be a scheduled break. There will be no lessons that weekend. I will update everyone as to how owners/leasees may access the barn during this weekend. Our guidelines continue to change and hopefully by then we may allow barn time without having to schedule. Please continue to sign up for barn time, there are many slots empty and i love seeing the activity!
Horse shows are starting to open up and I will be meeting with the Dripping Springs Arena management on Thurs. We will go over all the details of our upcoming June horse show. As soon as I know the specifics I will inform you of our plan to produce the show on June 20 & 21. Save the date! I can't wait to venture out again, Safely!!
I am hopeful that we may be able to open up more opportunities in the weeks ahead. If you are having any difficulty arranging private lesson times, please text me so I may help fulfill this need.
Governor Abbott didn't talk on Thursday as I was hoping. This was suppose to address camp guidelines. I've heard it may happen Monday. As of now, I'm opening June 1st with the reduced numbers. I promise if we're allowed, I will add more opportunities.
See you at the barn!!

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