Message from Kathy

Dear Clients,
By now you have received the automatic invoice for April. We are working to update all of the recurring templates to reflect the changes that have been requested. This is a month of uncharted territory for all of us. I recognize that all of you are going through this with me. I would like to clarify how the barn will go forward as we move into April.
If you wish to support the barn with the current restrictions, I propose the following:
The barn will continue with the scheduled 2 hour blocks of barn time. In addition to the usual sign ups, I encourage everyone to check the schedule the night before and fill in any open slots . These slots are independent barn opportunities that comply with the current guidelines to care for our pets. We can not teach lessons, yet. Go to and click on the resources page. You will find a link to sign up for your time.
As the activity bans are lifted, I will create new opportunities to show my appreciation to those who've been able to support the barn during this time. I foresee the ability to return to private lessons in the near future and I will work with individuals to compensate for the lost lessons.
When we can return to small group gatherings I will organize "boot camps" for the students. This is an idea that was popular years ago and I'm often asked to resurrect the opportunity. These camps will be offered to enhance horsemanship and improve riding skill. We create a fun learning experience that goes above and beyond the typical camp agenda. These camps will be offered to my students before we offer any camps to the public.
Depending on your "banked" lesson dollars, these added opportunities will be priced to ensure that each student is compensated for the losses of today.
If you're unable to stay on this journey with the barn, I understand. I will look forward to a time when you might be able to join us again.
I hope this clarifies my desire to weather this together. I know, what I have to offer is my time.
And this email comes with a strong commitment to do my best to offer a fair long term plan.
As you consider how this effects you, please pay the portion of your bill that reflects what plan works for you in April. We will adjust your accounts based on the payment that you make. If you must take this time off of lessons or leases, please text me and we will place you on pause in the invoicing system. Training rides may continue as Miguel and I can offer this service.
In the event that a lease of a horse is dropped, I will notify everyone of the availability of the horse. During this time, if a horse in not being leased at BCRC it will move to our other property. At this property we have fields of grass and it will help us defray the costs of feeding our horses for the short term.
I am very grateful for all of the support that I am receiving. My 12 hour days reveal a community of young people we should be proud of. Your children show such respect and appreciation for what I'm trying to provide. They apologize for not being able to do their own work. They smile and thank me profusely for the time they are spending with their horses. They tell me it's the best part of their day, or for many their week. Thank you for sharing your children with me!

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