May Update

I'm so excited by Governor Abbotts updates today that allow us to return to lessons. We will be revising our current sign up system to initiate our next expansion of services.
We will be moving toward the compliance of the state's phase 1 reopening and hold our business to 25% for the upcoming 2 weeks. We will encourage and monitor social distancing and continue to sanitize the shared equipment. It has been my honor to be open and to have the opportunity to interact with everyone during this past 6 weeks. Now it's time to offer instruction.
Starting Wednesday we will add a sign up for private lesson spots. We'll also add another slot for the 2 hour independent horse time. The current sign up for the supervised jumping will be phased out to allow for the addition of the private lessons. If you are currently signed up for supervised jumping, you may come to the barn and you will be worked in to jump for 30 minutes. However, any of the open slots will be removed and there will no longer be the option to sign up to jump in the supervised jumping format. All jumping will now take place in the private lessons. This means that there will be 4 sign up slots available for independent barn time and these slots will continue to be 2 hour blocks of time. In addition to these slots, there will be a sign up for the 1 hour private lesson schedule. We know that there will be overlap between lesson riders for tack up etc. So lesson riders will have the necessary extra time for these tasks, we just need to be efficient and keep all riders to a 2 hour total time limit.
These sign ups will be found on the resources page of the website.
This plan will continue until May 15th when we may return to greater capacity. We intend to return to group lessons as soon as possible. The next 2 weeks will be a great time to start planning the schedule of the return to group lessons.
I wish to support, and be fair, to everyone's unique needs at this time. I want to keep it simple as we move through the next transition on our way to a complete reopening. I will ask that each of you consider how we've managed the last 6 weeks. The private lesson format will allow us to resolve any need to balance the budget. I would like you to text me the number of private lessons that you feel will bring us to an agreeable fresh start in June. We believe June will begin the normal offerings at BCRC. and all clients may return to the pre covid schedule. During May, we will work to be sure your financial support is fairly compensated. Please text me the number of private lessons that you will use to bring us to a fresh start on June 1st.
Here are a few examples:)
You board a horse, and pay for one extra group lesson, 775.00 per month. In March and April you accessed the barn on a regular basis, and maintained your full payment. You might choose to take 15 private lessons during the next 5 weeks, 3 per week to feel compensated as we move to June 1.
You pay for one group lesson per month, 200.00 per month, and only accessed the barn 2 times during the 6 weeks, you might feel 5 private lessons will be fair. One per week.
You lease a horse and have accessed the barn on a regular basis and have enjoyed 2 supervised jumping sessions. One private lesson per week will work.
Each situation is different and each rider/family has had to make some unique choices. My goal is to work hard through May to provide a fair resolution to the support the barn has received.
If you were not able to financially support the barn during this time, we understand. We will ask that you sign up for private lessons knowing that the rate of those lessons will be the $75.00 per hour cost. We will try hard to accommodate group lesson students when the barn can be open to the larger number that this phase system allows. We are planning that to occur on June 1st.
If I may recap the plan:) The sign up is now available to start a private lesson schedule of 1 private lesson per hour. These lessons begin tomorrow. I'm asking that each person text me the number of lessons they will sign up for during the month of May. This number will bring us to the necessary bookkeeping to be at the fresh start, and reopening, of all services planned for June 1st.
The private lessons will be taught by the current instructors, based on each instructor's availability. So sign up and enjoy the vast amount of knowledge we bring together!
We will be following social distancing rules at the barn. So please remember the 6 feet rule. Try to minimize the number of people in the tack room. Wash your hands often, don't touch your face:) I'll continue to sanitize the commonly touched surfaces and much of the shared equipment. Let's keep the safe environment we are enjoying.
The governor did mention they are working on the possibiity of summer camps. I will save that discussion for when we have the details of how our camp may work.
I can't THANK all of you enough for the support our barn has received!

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