March 14th & 15th Dripping Springs Show

Good Evening,
Time to Horse Show! The horses will be hauled to the Dripping Springs Ranch Park tomorrow starting at 10 am. This is the list that I know of so far. If there are any changes to be made just text me. Horses may still be added if you wish to participate.
Miguel Iglesia Barbie
Taya Lorenz Quinn
Ally Meyer Barnabus
Eleanor Tabke Endey
Claire Waggoner Fergie
Autumn Arnone Tulsa
Lyla Simmons Tulsa
Sierra Coleman Cochise
Emma Perry Chip
Chelsea Oatman Chelsea
Killian Wellbourn Smokey
Kate Henley Sharky
Nicole James Carlin
Zoey Horsey Bubba
Madison Slack Lottie
Hailey Anson Vegas
Miguel/Madison Electra
Jessie Ubertini Bella
Schooling (practice) will take place Friday afternoon starting at 2 pm and will run until 8pm.
The show starts at 8 am and will finish at approx 4 pm
We'll have a better estimate of the approx times for classes tomorrow.
If you're not showing come on over and watch.
Good night!

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