Horse Show Season Info

It's horse show season coming up and time to plan.
Schooling Shows are shows that are not sanctioned by a national organization like USEF. This year we will have 4 schooling shows in Dripping Springs and 2 at Bee Cave Riding Center. We're sorry to report that the San Antonio shows that we attended in the past are not taking place this year. We may look at some of the other schooling show dates in our area if we wish to add to our list of show dates.
The Dripping Springs shows look like this:
They are held at the Dripping Springs Ranch Park, which is a very nice newer facility on Highway 12 just north of Dripping Springs.
The horses arrive at the facility on Friday morning and there is "schooling" or practice available starting approximately at 1 pm and continuing to 9 pm.
The horses remain in stalls for the weekend with the show taking place on Saturday and Sunday. Classes start at 7:30 for the main arena and 8:00 am for the smaller arena on both days. Young riders in the small arena show between 8 am and approximately 2 pm.
The main arena will run from 7:30 am until 7 pm usually. PLEASE UNDERSTAND:) Our horse shows are known for running in a timely fashion. Horse shows are like many sports events, we hurry up to wait, we have added entries at the last minute, etc. We advise all families to keep this in mind when planning what shows you might like to attend. It's very hard on the exhibitors, if families are trying to squeeze an exact time for their child's experience, in a time slot with other obligations on this day. I have been involved with youth and horse shows all of my life, and I wish to make your experience the best possible. Please remember, our sport must keep in mind our animals feel the heightened emotions of our riders on show days, practicing calm is the best homework for a show day:) Appropriate horse show attire is required.
This is a 4 show series produced by us, with a year end saddle award available to the amateur rider, who attends all 4 shows, with the most points in their jumping classes. The saddle is a Devoucoux custom saddle valued at 7,000 dollars. Past winners are Andie McDonough and Avery Kuiper, CONGRATULATIONS!!
The cost of a schooling show is as follows:
Invoiced form Bee Cave Riding Center
Trailering $125.00
Training Fees $35.00 per day or $105.00 for weekend
Set Up fee $35.00
Show Clip $35.00
Paid for at the show Bring a blank check to be left at the show office on Friday, this allows for adds and scratches of classes and you will check out at the end of the show for accurate accounting.
Number of classes times $20.00 approximately $120 per division, some choose to ride more than 1 division.
Stall fee $80.00
Shavings $66.00
Medic Fee $45.00
The total cost may be between $600.00 and $800.00 depending on the number of classes and whether you are sharing a horse. The fees that are split for sharing a horse are the trailering fee, show clip, stall fee and shavings.
You may sign up on line at with the simple sign-up for our riders. I will do a complete entry for you.
Or you may sign up on the black board by the arena.
Only 2 riders may sign up to share a horse, with the leasee having the priority. So if you're eager to ensure the horse pick for your rider, please plan early to reserve a school horse.
Future Dripping Spring Dates are
March 12-14
April 16-18
June 18-20
September 17-19
On to "A" shows
A shows are the level of showing that put us in the national level of recognition. When riders have reached success in the schooling show level we plan the next step up. Our next A show is February 25th through the 28th and most everyone interested has signed up. If you feel you wish to still attend please text me to get started. For the record A show fees can total $1500 to $2000 depending on the number of classes and things such as braiding etc. This is an approximate total of both Bee Cave Fees and show fees.
We are attending Pin Oak in April as our next A show plan. More info and dates to follow.
Have a great day! I'm running out of time, so stay tuned for more barn updates soon!

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