Evening Lesson Updates & more

Wow, what a rain that brings me indoors for some quick updates!
All lessons that are scheduled for Monday through Thursday at 5 pm and 6pm will now be held at 5:30 and 6:30 pm. So just a slight change in the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening classes with Tatiana. We'd like to support her need to balance her day job and her barn life:) This is hard to change on the sign up at this time so just know that your class will start a half hour later than on the schedule.
We are happy to create a semi private lesson arrangement in any of the slots to offer more barn time. What we will do is honor any pair of equal ability riders to come together for any lesson spot. Only one rider needs to sign up and both riders will have arranged the opportunity. This is a way to offer more riding and move towards expanded services. We have done a good job of keeping the numbers down at the barn and I would like to encourage more lesson openings by this system. I don't feel the need to count the number of added lessons in this expansion. We will continue through the month of May with updates and expansion as we follow the guidelines of the community.
Keep signing up for barn time! There have been lots of open slots and we love to have them filled!
Hoping to have more updates soon.
Thank you

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