Dripping Springs Show & Weather Guide

Good Morning,
The rain is upon us! These are the guidelines for inclement weather plans.
The only time the barn will be completely closed/cancelled is if the weather conditions make it unsafe to travel. Examples would be torrential rains with flash flooding, wind speeds greater than 40 miles per hour sustained, or temperatures less than 32 degrees with rain. Otherwise we will ride in the rain if we don't have a lightening threat and we have warm temps. Our arena is an all weather footing and we adjust jumping goals to preserve the good footing. Anytime the weather makes sense to do an indoor lesson, all of our instructors have a plan for a very valuable use of the rider's time. Our sport depends heavily on the knowledge learned in a classroom setting and we pride ourselves in producing the well rounded rider.
Then know as we move toward colder temps, it will always feel much colder at the barn. Hats and gloves, good outerwear make all the difference. "There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing" Quoted from my young Swedish horse friend:)
The covered arena does not have a start date yet. We will keep you posted but the date will not be later than the Month of November. Until then it'll be lessons as usual and we'll save our 1 week, scheduled closing to allow for the safe construction to take place.
Horse shows
The September San Antonio horse show has been cancelled.
The Fences over Bee Cave horse show in Dripping Springs is on schedule for September 19th and 20th. This is a show produced by our barn and attracts riders from other barns in our community. The show is gaining popularity and we will want to be sure we keep enough stalls for our barn riders. ASAP let us know you wish to participate. You may sign up on the black board by the arena, or you may go to the resources page of the website ridinghorses.com and do the short quick entry designed for BCRC riders. I will create the longer form for choosing the classes. If you prefer you may text me and I'll put you on the list. If you are new to horse shows and are interested in learning more, please text me and I'll get back with you on the details. This show is great for newcomers and there are classes for every level. I will resend the detailed email on things such as cost and attire.
We are going to an A show in Katy Texas on September 25 th. I've learned this morning that entries are still open. This show is for the more experienced rider, and if you wish to attend you may text me at this time.
As we go into the darker season, please note that we need to turn the arena lights off as soon as we are done riding. Lately, the lights have been left on for a long period after the last rider returned to the barn. This means, when you return to the cross ties, halter your horse and go immediately to turn off the lights. This request is to minimize the bright lights to our neighbors, and to save costs. We appreciate your cooperation!
See you around the barn!

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