Dripping Springs Show & Summer Camp Counselor Meeting

Our next Dripping Springs horse show is May 13 through the 15th with Friday being a practice day. The sign up is posted on the black board near the arena. You may also text Kathy at 512-632-7433 and give the Rider's name and the horse they wish to compete on. School horses may only have 2 riders, therefore we strongly recommend you commit early if you are riding a school horse. If you are new to showing, we will email specific details soon.
There will be a meeting for all interested counselors and junior counselors on Friday May 20th at 6 pm. Please understand that you must own or lease a horse to be a camp volunteer. This meeting is not mandatory, but we strongly encourage all parents and youth who hope to be a part of this opportunity to attend. If you're an older member of our staff, and you've been working camp in the past, your parent does not need to attend. The meeting will take place at the barn and i will follow up with more details as we get closer.
We appreciate your support!
Kathy and staff

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