Dripping Springs Show & Spring Break

Our first Dripping Springs horse show is fast approaching! We hope if you're not dashing out of town for spring break, you'll plan to join us for this home town opportunity. We are excited to share that we have many new things to improve the opportunity.
Thanks to Brigid and Jeremiah there will be new jumps! Even I'm in suspense and can't wait to see them!
Our improved website design has a very simple form to allow for the quick sign up of the riders name and horse choice. Go to the resources tab at the top of the home page and you'll find this easy to do. Once I have the list of quick sign ups, I'll fill out the rest of the entry form for our students. Please sign up soon to allow us to plan for a smooth and well run show with lots of help for the exhibitors. We appreciate all of the support as we produce these shows in our community.
It's time for me to fulfill a request by my insurance providers. We need to update our release forms periodically and now they can be filled out and stored electronically. Please take a minute and fill out this form on the website, ridinghorses.com. You'll enjoy browsing the changes too! More photos, more information and a SWAG shop!!! Yes, we are adding more items all the time. The forms link is at the bottom of the home page and the lesson agreement form will be the one that will help us organize the needed information.
Next up is spring break camp. Camp will run Monday through Friday March 16th - 20th. If you own or lease a horse, we will love and appreciate your involvement in this work opportunity. The following is a list of guidelines to help understand and plan for the upcoming camp seasons.
Only owners and leasees may work/volunteer during camp. This guideline keeps our numbers manageable.
During the camp hours of 9-4 young riders must follow the rule that they be helpers/workers, and may ride at lunch time only, if unaccompanied. During these hours no one under the age of 16 may be dropped off to ride. To ride during these hours of camp, either an adult is with the rider, or the rider is 16 with their own transportation. This rule has been long standing and ensures the fairness of our program. If the rider is in a scheduled lesson with an instructor, this rule does not apply.
The work opportunity is an awesome program that builds the skills that may lead to a paid job. FYI not all workers are paid. Over the years, we've created a workforce that has lead to the success of many young adults as they leave for their next step. It starts with a volunteer position and then moves through a paid role. We will have a meeting to go over all camp opportunities on Friday April 24th at 6 pm. The location will be announced soon. This meeting is for the young people and the parents to help plan the summer in more detail. Attendance is not mandatory, however it is very helpful.
The barn will be open for lessons throughout spring break as regularly scheduled. The following is a list of the scheduled closings for the 2020 year. Note that the calendar plans for the barn to be closed to accomodate our monthly tuition. Each day of the week has 4 closed days in 2020 to match the months that have 5 weeks per year that we don't charge for.
May 25th and 26th Monday and Tuesday of Memorial Weekend. Open as usual Sat and Sun.
June 27th through July 5th 4th of July week Lessons are closed for 9 days resuming on Monday July 6th
August 17th through August 21st Lessons are canceled Monday through Friday of this week
and open on both weekends.
November 25, 26, & 27th Thanksgiving Wednesday through Friday
December 26th through January January 4th ( January included in 2020)
I hope all this information is helpful!
Thank you!!!

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