Dripping Springs Show Info for June 19th & 20th

Good Morning!
The Dripping Springs horse show is this weekend and we have a great list of riders who have indicated they will be participating. Here is some information to help with the planning.
The horses will be arriving at the Dripping Springs Ranch Park on Friday June 18th between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. Schooling will take place from 2 pm until approx 8pm. This is the practice opportunity for riders to hone their skills over the jumps that they will show on. You don't need to reserve a specific time. Riders will show up in their appropriate lesson gear, boots, helmet etc. During Friday's practice we will determine the approximate times for your child's showing on Saturday and Sunday. The arenas start at 8:00 am in the large arena and 8:30 am in the small arena. The information about the show is now available on a link at ridinghorses.com. Take a minute and browse the schedule and it will help you plan ahead, however the amount of entries is what will allow us to give you more specifics.
Horse show attire is required for the show. Jumper riders do not need to wear a show jacket , however they may wear one if they wish. Hunter attire can be found by going to the Dover catalogue and browsing the photos to get a feel for the "look". Children under 12 years of age wear the braids and short boot style, children over l2 wear tall boots and hair tucked in with a hair net. SHOW JACKETS WILL BE OPTIONAL DUE TO THE SUMMER TEMPERATURES.
I feel the most important thing to remember is that horse showing can be very confusing at first. The classes, the language, and the schedule is often intimidating to the new comer. Our shows have run smoothly and we do have a way to accommodate riders who are sharing a horse or pony. Only 2 people will be sharing any given horse/pony. Please plan to be patient as horse shows are much like any other sport:) hurry up to wait. There is still time to enter if you haven't yet. Text Kathy if you would like to enter and have not signed up on the board.
Here are some details about the upcoming show in Dripping Springs.
In ring 1 the show will start at 8 am with the 2 ft hunters. Those riders riding in the 2 ft division should be at the arena at 7 am . 2'3" will start around 10:00 am 2'6" division around 11:30 2'9" start at 12:30 and finish at 1:30. The expected start of the jumpers is 2 pm and this arena should finish around 7 pm.
In ring 2 the lower arena. The show starts at 8:30 with the cavaletti classes. Riders showing in the cavaletti classes should arrive at 7:30 to be ready for this 8:30 start. The cross rail division will start approximately at 10 am and the 2 ft twice around class will start near 12 noon. The jumper classes in the 2nd arena have very few or no entries so this arena will finish around 2 pm. This arena has the most horse sharing activity with most of our horses being shared by 2 people as is very common. We will hold separate "sections" of the divisions to allow for a smooth experience with these shared horses. Please note that we have the shared horse system at every show and we will have many assistants to help with the details. This arena is not the priority and thus we like to keep it calm and efficient with the young riders.
All times are approximate and we ask that families understand the "hurry up to wait" nature of the horse show world. We suggest that you bring a chair and enjoy the awesome food supplied by the catering team of Space Cowboy Catering. Breakfast Tacos starting at 8 am each day and a great menu of quality choices. EVERYTHING IS INDOORS,
Don't forget your check to pay the show office fees, and a chair for your comfort.
Let's look forward to a fun experience.
The A show planned for June 26 and 27th has been canceled by the producer. We are looking at other options to add another show experience to the summer. Let me know if you learn of any that sound interesting.
Off to the barn!!!!

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