Dripping Springs Show Details

Good morning,
This email is to clarify details of the schooling show in Dripping Springs this weekend.
We are looking forward to a good turnout and a place to share our achievements. Be prepared and know as the day moves along, the schedule usually becomes delayed due to what we call "adds at the gate". This means that riders may continue to sign up for more classes to either try again, or enjoy their advancing skills. We will not know the exact number of those who may choose to do this, thus the schedule is tentative. The most important thing to remember is to plan for a calm day as we navigate through the nature of our sport. Horses don't always tell us how they are going to perform on these exciting days. Please be kind to the office staff, helpful grooms in the back barn, and those people who organize the arenas.
Covid guidelines require that anyone who may feel ill must not attend. Bring your own chair for the spectator area and be sure to keep your family group at least 6 feet away from all other people in the sitting area. Wear a mask when you are not on a horse. Only one adult at a time may be in the stall area with each exhibitor.
We do have concessions available provided by Space Cowboy Catering on Saturday and Sunday with breakfast Tacos served starting at 8 am each morning. This is above average dining for a horse show! Plan to enjoy the feast!
If you are new to horse shows and have questions about the attire for this level of showing please text Kathy at 512-632-7433 for details. I think I've seen everyone who is new so I'll be happy to assist you personally if you need. I will be bringing all school horse equipment to the show. If you are using barn equipment and have a particular saddle you like, we will be loading the trailer on Thursday evening. You may bring your tack box to the show. We will be willing to haul one for you, and we need them to be identified by a piece of white duct tape that will be on the payment box in the tack room. The barn will have bathing supplies for horses available to use and grooming equipment if you don't have your own.
The horses will arrive at the show facility on Friday morning with schooling (practice) available after 1 pm.
And now for the list of riders I have signed up. Please don't be alarmed if your name is not on the list. We may still add. Text me if you need to clarify your entry. The time next to your name is the approximate time to arrive at the show for Saturday, you may arrive earlier if you wish and the time reflects 30 minutes prior to the start of your class. Sunday times will be determined on Saturday. As we get closer to Thursday these times may change and I will update via email again.
Lyla Simmons Tulsa 7:00 Julia Holler Viper 10:00
Ella Schultz Tulsa 7:00 Hailey Anson Viper 7:00
Camilla Corwin Lottie 7:00 Avery Kuiper Zeke 10:00
Riley Kinto Lottie 9:00 Ayla Levine Kat 8:00
Sierra Coleman Electra 7:00 Darby Chalfant Keller 11:00
Eliana Firestein Chicago 7:00 Sophia Sais Chicago 11:00
Caris Kemp Freedom 9:00 Sophia Lee Finley 9:00
Sophia Sais Izzy 7:00 Kate Henley Sharky 11:00
Brooklyn Brockius Jake 11:00 Lilly Owen Martie 1:00
Madison Slack Hiccup 10:00 Autumn Arnone Hiccup 9:00
Olivia Cobb Carlin 7:00 Nicole James Carlin 7:00
Kiki Mackey Cupcake 7:00 Eleanor Tabke Endey 7:00
Marissa Garcia Misty 7:00 Killian Welbourn Smokey 7:00
Reagan Baggish Smokey 7:00 Bailey Reidburger Lady 7:00
Sheree Hawkins Jester 7:00 Savanah Welty Barnabus 10:00
Addie Stewart Tulsa 8:00
In closing, horse shows are much like swim meets and track meets. We often feel like it's hurry up to wait. Please plan on the schedule to change and consider helping your young ones enjoy the day being involved with the care of the horse and cleaning tack to feel prepared. I love when our riders recognize it takes team work to keep the barn area clean. Above all let's work towards a safe, fun, and calm experience:)
Thank you for all of your support!

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