Coronavirus Update

Yesterday was awesome! I loved seeing all of our kids enjoy the horse time. Everyone was respectful of our rules and I think we did a great job.
The new shelter in place mandate that will go in effect soon will not change the plan we currently have in place. We will fall in the category of caring for our pets, as we stay adhering to the less than 10 people mandate with 6 feet between us. So keep up the good work and we'll all enjoy the barn time.
Now I must share a situation. Trust that I have consulted with experts who are working in our community on the front lines of creating guidelines for our county.
Last Sunday , a family from our barn, shared that they were going into voluntary quarantine because people had tested positive in the California neighborhood that they had just traveled from. They were experiencing allergy like symptoms and wanted to do what was prudent. Last week, the mom and daughter had attended our Tuesday evening lesson program. Before I knew of their situation, I, on my own intuition, chose to close the barn down for 6 days. This was to ensure that our barn would have plenty of down time before we reopened. The larger numbers of camp/ staff and lessons prompted the decision to close completely after Tuesday evening. The reopening of the barn on this Monday was 6 days after total closure. Today I was informed of the positive Covid virus test results of the mom in this family. After consulting with the experts I'm choosing to keep the barn open for the plan we have in place. However, I will always be transparent to all of you to help you make the choice that is right for your family.
These are the considerations to help you decide how your family wishes to proceed with your barn time.
The last exposure to this family at the barn was Tuesday April 17th. They had minimal contact with any common items, or other people.
The barn was closed to everyone except me and 2 workers and my immediate family for 6 days starting the evening of the 17th
Experts say the virus can not live on any surface more than 4 days.
No people with symptoms have been to the barn
The barn is practicing strong bio security measures. 6 ft distances at all times, strict handwashing before and after the scheduled barn visiting times.
We are sanitizing any high touch surfaces between scheduled times.
All common barn items are sanitized each night after being placed in a designated container.
We're asking if you have been in close proximity to anyone with symptoms, or you have symptoms, or you've been exposed to a person who has tested positive, to please stay home.
Our barn will continue to follow the rules. I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to consult with experts, every step of the way, on how to interpret the changing rules. Please know I have your children's well being at the heart of all of my decisions. We'll get through this together.

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