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I'm happy to report another level of opening for summer camp. With governor Abbott's latest phase of openings, we will open the camp to junior counselors. These young people must be 12-15 yrs old and understand they will be volunteers. We have created a new sign up to organize this opportunity, THANK you Emily for your amazing skills! Each day we will invite 5 Junior Counselors to sign up for a day of volunteer camp help. I'm asking that we start with choosing 2 days per week for each volunteer. We will increase that if we're able to. This sign up is now available on our website. This is for those young people who own or lease a horse. During camp hours, any child who comes to ride their own, or leased, horse must have an adult who stays with them for that ride time. As in other years, we can't have any drop in riding times between the hours of 9am and 4pm. This rule is the one most always misunderstood. I feel the need to clarify especially this year, that numbers count and I'll be closely monitoring the staff numbers as well as campers. If your child has been registered for a camp, I strongly encourage them to plan to attend that week as a camper. I'm preparing a ramped up program for those riders who've been involved in lessons etc and are enrolled as campers. I'm committed to making their experience an, above and beyond, horse camp.
Horse shows are back on the books. I met with the new Dripping Springs Ranch Park staff and we've ironed out the details of the bio security for our June show on the 20th and 21st. The details are consistent for the current guidelines and will allow for separation of people in groups and stalls will be assigned with one stall between each horse. Most important to know at this time is that you will want to bring your own chair as the bleachers have been removed.
This show will offer classes for every ability level and there is a quick sign up on the website that will give us a start on planning ahead. My next email will highlight all of the horse show details.
On June 6th we will be going to a 1 day show in Manor. I'm encouraging only riders who feel very independant in the management of this day. We have a limit of 10 trailer spots and we're not getting stalls. For that reason, I'm not encouraging our young riders to attempt the independence this kind of show requires. If you wish to go and need more information please text me and we'll get together on the possibility.
On a final note, As of June 1st, our barn will resume our normal order of business. We will continue with our sign ups and security until then with just a few changes. At this time , you may return the school saddles to the tack room. You may scoop the manure out of the cross ties if needed. I am continually guided by the information of experts and we will keep moving toward the pre Covid environment. I ask that everyone keep doing what is the noted success of battling this virus, socially distance, wash your hands, don't touch your face and wear a mask if you wish to.
Please reach out to your instructor to plan on how to resume the lesson program that you wish to continue through the summer. If you rode with Ashley, please text me at 512-632- 7433 as her return date has not been established yet. We will find her riders an appropriate match.
The barn is closed on May 29, 30, and 31 for a scheduled closing to get back on track for the system that was in place prior to Covid. We are continuing the signed up lesson/barn time until then. Owners an leasees may access their horses during this closing, we just don't have lessons.
Thank you again for all of your support, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, let's not forget to keep doing our part to maintain a safe barn environment to ensure we can continue to move forward!!!

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