Camp Information - Mask Requirement

Happy 4th of July,
A quick note as I return from Michigan. We are having camp, with a few more Travis County requirements.
All indoor activities will require masks. The art school will be monitored closely and I will provide masks for anyone who doesn't have their own. Please consider bringing your own and sending one for your child. My experience is, they wear their own more comfortably.
Masks are required outdoors if we can't maintain 6 feet apart for social distancing. So, I will be carrying masks to ensure all staff and campers are complying with this Travis County need. We will allow our young volunteers to assist the camp, is they are able to comply with this rule. Please talk to your children about the importance of this compliance. As of today, youth camps may proceed as normal as long as we comply with the rules.
Thank you!
See you tomorrow!

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