Camp, Dripping Springs Show, & Hipico Show

Camp is up and running! You'd be amazed at the hard work going on there! Be proud of your kiddos who are helping out. We are now able to allow those who own or lease a horse, over the age of 10 to volunteer at camp. We will eliminate the last sign up, the junior counselor group. So no need to sign up for the volunteer positions.
The next barn closure is the 4th of july week beginning on June 29th through July 5th. There will be lessons on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th then there will be no lessons until Monday July 6th. Owners and Leasees may access the barn during this time.
Now for some really good news! We will be covering the 1st arena sometime in August! I'll keep you posted as we nail down the dates. There may be some days that we will need to close to ensure the safety of our riders during the big crane construction.
The horse show coming up June 20 and 21st is going to be a great show attended by many barns in our area. Right now the Bee Cave Riding Center count is at 29! I'm keeping a list at the barn on the horse show board. There is still time to add your name if your wish to go.
A few things to know.
The horses will trailer over to Dripping Springs on Friday morning with schooling/practice starting around 11 am. Schooling will continue until 8pm on Friday. I will post on Thursday June 18th a list with the approximate times of each rider from our barn. Please note that horse show times are approximate and it is very hard to keep the precise timing throughout the day. We will have an air conditioned space to hang out in and the caterer serves a very upscale menu. We love Space Cowboy Catering! Please bring your own chair to sit in. The main thing required in Hays County for this show is to not have bleachers, tables, etc. Masks are optional, social distancing is encouraged, and the stalls will have some space between groups. Camp ends on Wednesday June 17th for the week before the show. Thursday will be used for bathing and clipping horses at the barn. Please load any personal items, tack etc, in the horse trailer by Thursday evening. I will load school equipment for each school horse that needs to be used if you are using barn equipment. I will send an email next week to offer further instruction for the show.
Santa Fe is also just around the corner! this is an "A" show that we really enjoyed last year. We will be leaving August 3rd to be settled in for the show that starts on Wednesday. The website is for more information. Importantly, if you wish to go please let me know so I may plan transportation. If you are planning to stay at the RV park, we must send the reservation request soon, I'm going to send mine by Friday. This is a form found on the website and it must be mailed, yes "snail mail" soon. They have a June 30th deadline for Rv reservations but they can sell out. I will have forms at the barn this week and am happy to help anyone who needs a form and we can mail them together.
That's it for now.

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