Barn Updates on Construction & Holiday

Dear barn families,
With the amount of moisture in the weather this morning the crew is going to go home for the weekend. Being on the metal roof is unsafe today. This brings us to a new plan for the next few days.
Starting this morning any owners or leasees that have horses at the barn may come out and do activities that are safe with the change in the scenery to your horse. This may include riding if your horse is calm as they have been so far.
I am sorry but the school horses must stay on the vacation they are enjoying until Tuesday evening. First thing Monday morning will become too risky to bring them home as the crew will be working on the paddock side of the arena cover.
There will not be any lessons this weekend as originally planned. This is aligned with the scheduled closing of the barn.
Due to the construction change, we must reschedule the lessons that would normally resume on Monday and Tuesday. If you ride with any instructor on Monday or Tuesday, you may choose to ride with Kathy in the following schedule of lesson options. You may also reschedule with your instructor if they have available times for you.
Friday November 27th
10 am Beginner rider group lesson open to riders who are learning to canter and jumping
cross rails
11 am Intermediate group lesson. Open to riders who are confident at walk/trot/canter and
jumping up to 2 ft.
12 noon Advanced group lesson. Open to riders jumping 2'3" up to 3 ft.
1 pm Beginner rider group lesson. See above description.
2 pm Intermediate group lesson. See Above description.
Again, the above lessons are for Monday/Tuesday students only. You may just show up at the appropriate lesson, please allow for time to groom and tack up. There is no need to reserve a spot. I will be looking forward to creating a good lesson format for each group.
Starting at 3:30 on Friday the day moves to the start of the lesson schedule that would normally be for Thursday after school lessons, moved due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
These lessons will be the same times as your normally scheduled Thursday lessons.
Saturday begins with lessons as usual. Starting at 2 pm I will add additional make up lessons for any Monday/Tuesday lesson reschedule needs.
2 pm Intermediate group lesson
3 pm Beginner group lesson
4 pm Advanced group lesson
These lesson do not need to be reserved, just show up at least 15 minutes early to prepare for an on time start.
Sunday make up lesson at 1 will have 2 instructors to help with the potential larger size due to all of the above.
ON MONDAY MORNING WE MUST RETURN TO A BARN CLOSURE TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE. When the crews are on site the equipment moves fast! Their plan is to be moving off site on Wednesday. We will plan for lessons to resume as normal on Wednesday afternoon. I will be bringing the school horses back on Tuesday if it seems like a safe option, so they may get used to the changed environment by Wednesday.
Starting Wednesday evening, the barn will reopen in the regular manner we are used to.
If you would like to see the amazing arena cover, feel free to stop by and check it out this weekend. I know the delay may be a disappointment to some, but i promise it's worth it. The crew has done a fantastic job and I'm so excited to share the improvement. I'll be around the barn today continuing some of my projects and I'll be happy to have some company if you just need to hang out in the fresh air. Remember, we are still wearing masks and staying 6 ft apart.
I REALLY appreciate the support and the patience during this exciting next venture for our barn. You are all very important to us!

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