Barn Updates - Barn Closing & more

Our November 1st schooling show at the barn must be postponed:( I am very sorry to report this, however the scheduling of construction, created yesterday, will deem the show to be possibly unsafe. On a good note, we are excited for the upcoming changes to our arena and adjoining spaces. To be specific, the holes will be drilled for the support pylons and concrete will be poured starting October 28th. The arena construction will begin a week later. I want to report the exact dates once we know just how the timeline will affect our lessons and which days we will close down. The plan is that we have saved our scheduled closing to accommodate the missed lessons when the construction requires a complete closing of the entire facility. In other words we will be using our accrued lessons that take in to account the months we don't charge for the 5 lessons that each lesson day will have in a year. The bottom line is, the closing won't change your current invoicing. During the time when we are preparing the first arena for the large construction we will hold classes safely in the other 2 arenas. All of us instructors will team up and make quality use of your lesson times. Phase 1 will be the plan for when the infrastructure must be prepared and the 1st arena will be closed. Phase 2 will be the needed closing of the whole facility. There will be 2 rigs of cranes on the premises during the closing times and we will ask that no riding take place. I will notify everyone of the full facility closing dates as soon as possible.
I.m proud to share some of the exciting benefits to this plan! The entire first arena will be covered, that means a 100 ft by 200 ft space of shade:) We will do rain water collection of this huge expanse that will allow for an automatic sprinkler system to eliminate the dust. These last few days make me most excited about using the rainwater to keep a safer environment. We're also finalizing plans to maximize the adjoining space for an observation deck to shade spectators within the cover. We will replace the announcer stand. We will make better use of the paddock and the old trailer areas.
I will keep the idea of a schooling show at BCRC on the forefront. I also want to be prudent about the possible need to limit any large crowd gatherings as we go in to flu season and Covid rising numbers. As most of you know, we have done a great job of keeping our out door activities safe at BCRC. There has not been any positive cases to be traced or reported to me. Each decision I make in this time is with consideration of all people who may be at risk. The decisions are hard and another one will be that we won't hold a Thanksgiving camp this year. The chance of inclement weather, and the need to go indoors to warm up, brings me to want to make a cautious decision ahead of time. I expect to keep the barn open during the Thanksgiving holiday and I will update again as to any lesson changes for this holiday period.
Our next A show is in Katy, December 10th through the 13th
I appreciate everyone's patience as we make these big changes. I admit, a covered arena has been a lifelong dream of mine:) Your ongoing support is a huge part of making the dream come true. THANK YOU!

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