Barn Update

We have weathered this storm as well as one could hope! The horses are eating more hay than you could imagine and our store of good hay is abundant. Our water has been available enough to ensure their needs. The RANCH HANDS, EDDIE, MIGUEL, KELLY AND DOUG HAVE ALL GONE ABOVE AND BEYOND! The horses look great.
Now I must share that I booked a last minute trip to Florida to do some horse business. I expected to be home last Sunday. Much to my dismay the flight was canceled and the airport closed for days. I will be home on Saturday morning as the first possible flight available. I'm very grateful to my team back home. They have assured me not to worry, and I know why Eddie wouldn't go. This would have been way worse if I didn't have him home to keep the animals safe. Please be patient and let us all get through this. I'll look at lessons for Sunday and keep you posted on what this will look like. I hope you have all been safe and not too uncomfortable.

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