Barn Plan Moving Forward

It's time to do our part.
The new barn plan going forward is to offer barn time, to owners and leasees, in two hour time slots for ground work only. The general and legal guidelines, coming out of our industry, are to cease riding. Our hospitals are overwhelmed and resources are becoming severely limited. I know we want to be a part of the effort to minimize any emergency visits for accidents related to horse activities.
I believe that if we do our part the crisis will be shortened significantly. We can make a difference and return to our normal routines sooner if we all do our best to help. I do believe horse time is extremely important to everyone. I'm not closing the barn to the opportunity to spend time in the activities that are so beneficial to our animal partners. The time spent can be doing the many activities that fall into ground work; grooming, hoof care, round pen activities, lunging, grazing and cleaning tack.
The website will be ready tomorrow for sign ups with the 2 hour blocks beginning Monday at 8 am. Each day, between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm, there will be 2 hour increments with 3 slots to sign up. This means that each 2 hour block may have 1 owner and 1 other person from their family on the premises. That will put 6 people plus staff at the barn during these hours. These times will be supervised by me and or an instructor. We will follow the rules for social distancing and ask that this opportunity is for only 2 members of any horse family at a time. We must stay under 10 people, including staff, at all times. Please remember touching shared items is considered a violation of the rules that we are observing. I will be working out a program to ensure that we can follow the guidelines. So, please do not touch the clean up tools, you do not need to "scoop your poop"
. I will be removing all the barn grooming tools during this time and ask that you use only your "stuff". I will be bleaching some hoof picks, brushes etc in case you depend on using the barn tools. But, they will be limited in number as we won't share those either.
If you are currently in a lesson only program, please be patient. I am working to create some "horse time" for your needs too. It's truly an hour by hour plan.
As a former nurse in the critical care field, I believe the current plight is real. I also believe this is not a time to panic, but to stay calm and do what we can to support the community of people who are doing their part. I so appreciate my barn family! You have been very understanding and I know we will get through this together.

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