Barn Coronavirus Update

Quick Update
All is well at the barn! We've had a busy 2 days of having hooves cared for by the farrier, and teeth floated by Dr. West. Our ranch hands are healthy and working hard to take care of the horses.
I really appreciate all the offers of help! I am there everyday and it really is going well. What I am looking forward to is when we can resume some activity to open the barn back up to all of you. I've done my research, and I should be able to map out my plan to everyone on Sunday.
I am hoping our riding will resume on Monday. The format will place us into an activity schedule that meets the current community requirements I will take the temperature of everyone who arrives and there will be mandatory hand washing.
Please talk with your children, I'm sure you have:), that rules will be in effect during the limited activity time. The 6 ft rule will be monitored and specific wash racks will be used. If we do everything that I have planned, I'm confident our plan will hold up for a long time. We must be under the 10 person limit, so we ask that siblings not come to the barn yet.
I will send an email out on Sunday as to how the scheduling will work. So, be patient, there is more to come! Keep in mind, the barn is closed until I give further notice.
Trust me! We miss each and every one of you:)

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