Barn Closure Information and Upcoming Information

Dear barn families,
Construction update.
We are currently on schedule for the barn to close on November 16th with lessons resuming on November 23rd. During this closed time, the main construction of the 100 X 200 ft cover will take place. This will be a large scale effort and we must ask that everyone respect the need to not have any activity at the barn. I will be attending to the safety of the horses and their routines every day and you may ask me to check on anything specific related to your horse. SAFETY is our primary concern during this time and we feel it is necessary to make this rule. No people are to come by the barn during this time. The closing of the barn also fits our policy that we close 4 weeks per year to allow our horses to take time off. Each day of the week has 4 times a year that a month offers 5 lesson days. We don't charge for that extra lesson day. We consider our tuition monthly and we ask that payment continues as normal for this week. This closing was scheduled for the week in August that is our traditional end of summer break. We saved it to coincide with the cover construction.
During this week, I will be moving many of the school horses to my western barn for a lovely opportunity. We have a large pasture full of grass with no horses currently on it. They are going to spend the week there to take a full vacation as they so rightly deserve. This will also free up some of the space needed to manage the construction zone.
I really appreciate everybody's understanding during this time. The covering of the arena is a longtime dream of mine and it will offer so much to us in the sun protection and dust control.
The week of Thanksgiving the barn will be open for lessons. We will close on Thursday and any lessons regularly scheduled for Thursday will take place on Friday at the same time. If you can't attend on Friday, you may attend the make up lessons on Saturday at noon or Sunday at 1. A reminder we are not holding a Thanksgiving break camp. We can't be sure that all of the property would be camp ready.
The next regularly closed week will occur Starting on December 24th and continuing until lessons resume on January 2nd. So no lessons on December 24th and lessons resume on January 2nd. This is another regularly scheduled closing of 2020.
Inclement Weather guidelines.
As we move into the winter season, and the opportunities that our cover will offer, please note that all lessons will be held, unless roads are closed for weather conditions. There may be times that we must move to an unmounted indoor lesson format. Please help your child dress for the conditions of the day. It will always feel 10 degrees colder at the barn. Make up lessons should not be used to facilitate better weather options. The make up lessons are to help with absence due to illness and unavoidable scheduling conflicts.
The 2021 closings will be scheduled as follows:
4th of July
7/3/2021 until 7/16/2021 No lessons on Saturday 7/3 reopen with lessons on Saturday 7/17
End of Summer break 8/14/2021 until 8/20/2021 No lessons on Saturday 8/14 reopen with lessons on Saturday 8/21/2021
Holiday Closings
12/24/2021 until 12/31/2021 No lessons on Friday 12/24/2021 reopen with lessons on 1/1/2022
With this schedule, all lesson days will have 4 paid lessons per month or monthly tuition.
Holiday Party
We will let the tradition continue this year with some change and consideration of everyone's health:) The holiday party will be on Friday December 18th starting at 6 pm. We will hold it under the covered arena instead of at our home, and plan to keep all activities outdoors Covid considerate. We will not offer "pot luck" or shared food and I'm looking into how we can provide a prepared menu. I think it will be fun to celebrate the new cover, the holidays and our barn families. As always we will follow any local laws that will govern the safety of such gatherings. Masks may be mandatory, social distancing will be in effect, etc. I will do my best to offer a safe option and consider everyone's choices.
On my final note. We are closing in on the price increase that occurs every 3 years. Starting in January 2021 the prices at Bee Cave Riding Center will increase to be:
Board for personal horses $600.00 an increase of $25.00 per month
Exclusive leases $600.00 an increase of $25.00 per month
School Horse leases $525.00 an increase of $25.00 per month
All lessons increase by $5.00 Private $80 Semiprivate $65 Group $55
I am looking forward to the many improvements that will come with the next few weeks! Not just the covering of the arena, but many other things. Stay tuned!!!
Thank you

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