Barn Closure Info, Upcoming Shows, Etc

Good morning,
I was hoping to inform everyone on the exact closing of our next scheduled break. Usually it coincides with the start of school, taking the first week off to give the kids a chance to settle in with routines. This time it's a bit different, not only is the start of school a bit different, but we're coordinating the closure to coincide with construction of the covered arena. It's looking like the closure will take place on or near the 10th of August. I apologize for the uncertainty of the exact dates. Due to safety we will restrict much of the activity at the barn during this time. The crew will come in with a flurry of activity, constructing the 100 by 200 roof in 10 days. I know we are all looking forward to this improvement to our riding program so bear with us ! I'll continue to update everyone as I have new information. This closing is part of the structure where we don't charge for any 5th lesson in the 4 times they occur in a year for your day of the week. In other words it will not result in any changes to our invoicing for August.
Only one more week of camp! Anyone who has worked either as paid or volunteer this summer may attend the counselor appreciation event. On Friday evening, July 31st, we will start with swimming from 5-6. I will have pizza and drinks at the pool. At 6 pm we'll haul 7 horses from BCRC to the western barn for some fun riding together. Our entertainment that night will be some jr bull riding as our farrier will be bringing his sons to practice on the set up they currently keep at this barn. Be assured!!! none of our youth will be near any bulls due to safety. These are docile bulls who reside on this property. They are intended for these young boys to practice their sport, not for our use. The fun will last until 10 pm. I will need drivers for the ride from BCRC and all kids will need to have a pick up plan from Signal Hill Ranch. There will be snacks, and drinks provided for the evening after pizza at BCRC. I greatly appreciate all of the staff that make our camp so successful! This plan is intended to keep our activities all out doors with minimal closeness. I fully support anyone's needs at this time to limit group activities. The appreciation event is a 20 year tradition and we met to plan an event that would most align with the contact we've maintained throughout the summer. I'm happy to say, we've not had any covid tracing back to our program. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
As many of you know, we won't be going out of state for a horse show this summer. Thus we've decided to stay closer to home and attend the 3rd show of the Centex summer circuit that takes place August 7, 8, & 9. This show is in Taylor and they've improved the facility to include an rv park as well as a new stall barn. Without camp the week before, we will have an opportunity to enjoy a relaxed start to this event:) Haul in will take place Thursday morning and there will be practice time on Thursday afternoon. There are covid restrictions that we should be aware of that align with all horse shows taking place in our country. Basically it
requires social distancing, wearing masks when not on a horse, no congregating in the barn, no food tables in the barn, one family member per rider as the spectator, and no use of the bleachers. There is a new hotel very close to the facility. I will be bringing my rv and can't wait to try the amenities. Please text me if you are interested and ready to commit as I will have to reserve and pay for stalls ahead of time. Since they are on a restricted number of exhibitors we will want to send our stalls in by Tuesday July 28th. As of right now, they believe they can accommodate a large number of riders from our barn. But last minute entries may not be possible. You may find more information at
As of right now, our Fences over Bee Cave show in Dripping Springs is still scheduled for September 19th and 20th. If you are hoping for something closer to home, this is one to put on your calendar. I haven't been updated on the status of the next San Antonio show and will let you know when I learn of the details.
I'd like to update anyone who has been in the conversation of how BCRC may be able to assist our families with the tough decisions faced in regards to school this year. While I was excited to think we could offer an academic support on our campus, we don't have any internet. This hurdle and several others make it impossible for us to be responsible for the education of children aligned with our school districts. We are planning to offer a daytime schedule of riding lessons with additional barn time and learning activities that may be considered as an option when school begins. I know that I want to assist families in this trying time of unconventional schooling. I am still open to ideas and suggestions and invite anyone to contact me on this topic. With the start of virtual learning just a few weeks away, I believe the academics would need more structure than we can provide at this time.
Our fall schedule will begin when the construction of the arena is finished enough to allow a safe return to lessons. We'll use the down time to allow for the planning of how fall lessons will resume. If any more than one week of lessons must be cancelled due to construction, we will make them up asap. The down time will offer all of us a chance to see how the possibility of day time lessons may benefit our riders as we move through this unusual start to school.
See you at the barn!

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