Barn Closed until further notice

Good morning,
Our ranch hand Jose is taking the day off due to a stomach problem. Jose is a strong worker who never takes a day off. Although stomach problems do not rank high on the list of symptoms for Covid 19, I am closing the barn for today as I help him monitor his symptoms from afar. I will help him get to a testing facility if needed. His activity at the barn does not put him in close contact with our sanitized area. I had asked him and Frank to be sure they were following all of the social distancing rules. They had been doing a great job of not servicing the washrack area and not using any of our horse equipment.
Please don't take this as he has Covid 19. There is a great chance he just has an upset stomach. He has no fever, no cough, no fatigue and no body aches. Please take this as I will always be fully transparent and cautious to an extreme.
The barn will be closed to all clients until further notice. I will be on the premises and monitoring all horse care. I will reopen once we're sure of his state of health. Let's be cautious and do our part to ensure that the barn is our safe place.
I will keep you informed of any new information.

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