Barn Closed thru the Remainder of the Week, Etc.

Good morning
In this unprecedented times, my plan for our barn changes by the hour:( I promise you, I am staying informed and using my nursing background knowledge, to assess the risk our non essential activities present to the public. As of this morning, I'm going to institute these guidelines.
The camp is closed for the remainder of spring break.
I am closing the barn for the remainder of this week, and we will assess the state of our community on Sunday as to how we may return to a program of lessons. Yesterday, I thought I had all the answers to how lessons could continue, and how we could keep the barn to less than 10 people at a time, today is different.
Last night I learned that our neighbor who is a nurse and works at Lakeway hospital, most likely was exposed to the virus. She will be asked to quarantine for 2 weeks and I believe we need to do our part to prevent any chance that this virus exhausts our health care system.
I will be going to the barn each day to assess the condition and care of all of our horses. I will respond to anyone's need to check in on their horses remotely. I will take pictures and or video to assess your concerns. The farrier is still planning to come today to finish out our list of needs.
Let's do our part and understand the severity of the risk we pose to the elderly and the compromised populations. I will be committed to going above and beyond to assure that your horses are cared for to the highest standard. We will return to a lesson program as soon as we are able to.
My goal is to evaluate the state of the community we live in on Sunday. I hope to return to a lesson program, of private lessons only, on Monday. At this time I ask that the barn remain closed to all activity from today through Sunday.
I will miss all of you and the opportunity to weather this storm together. Please support me in one of the hardest decisions I've made in a long time! Thank you for understanding, and let's see what Sunday brings.
I know many of you will be concerned about the long term ability to care for the horses. I'm proud to say we have at least 2 months of provisions in storage and the ability to keep our business viable for the long term. I ask that we all hold tight and be part of the force that will look back and know we did our part.

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