Bad Weather Update Notice

PLEASE STAY OFF HAMILTON POOL ROAD!! This morning it was a parking lot of stranded vehicles. Our road has been treacherous since last night. Our ranch hands have made it to work and horses are fine but the roadways are slick. Please don't drive to the barn until the road crews can make it safe. We have all details worked out for the care of the horses. I must extend the lesson cancellations until Thursday.
Please check your weather forecast and know that the lows will be unheard of over the next few days. In the forecast starting today the highs are below 32 degrees and the lows are in the teens. Monday will be 6 degrees with snow showers. The highway patrols are asking that we stay off the roads. Let's let only essential people have the needed access.
I am still getting numerous calls asking about lessons, please try to share the information that lessons are canceled until Thursday. If that should change I will notify everyone through this email.
I promise I will have a plan to resume lessons and do our best to provide make up lessons. Please understand we are feeding 3 times as much food and in constant rotation of water buckets to ensure the support of out horses. This is my priority. If we are diverted from these jobs to help people be unstuck or jump start their cars, we will be unable to meet the demands of the care of the horses. We are also helping neighbors by providing hay to their horses as this has become a new need. WE HAVE PLENTY OF HAY. In fact I've been keeping a 3 months stockpile this year and I'm very happy for this.
We appreciate your concern, we are going to see the warm return on Saturday.
I just received an automatic voice message from Travis County asking all people to stay off the roads. The first I've ever received, It's real.
Thank you!

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